Starlink, Optus’ latest innovation, brings a revolutionary Sat-to-Cell service to Australia

Optus is one of Australia’s leading telecom companies. In collaboration with Starlink, they have recently launched the Sat-toCell service. This innovative service is designed to improve connectivity and coverage for remote areas in Australia where mobile coverage is not as good. Optus intends to bridge the digital gap and provide high-speed Internet access in even the most remote regions of Australia using SpaceX’s Starlink Satellite System.

Sat-to Cell is an integrated service from Optus and Starlink that seamlessly integrates satellite and cell technology. Starlink uses its satellite network to connect to the Optus mobile service, which allows users to take advantage of cellular services even when there is no network coverage. This partnership between Optus, Starlink, and other satellite providers is a game changer in terms of improving internet connectivity, especially in remote and regional areas. It opens up new possibilities for business, education, health care, and communication. Optus Plans Sat to Cell service allows Australians who live in remote regions to have reliable and fast access. It evens the playing fields for all Australians.

Photo: Government of South Australia.

Photo: Government of South Australia

Starlink Will play a crucial role in expanding connectivity across Australia. Optus, one of Australia’s leading telcos and satellite providers, signed a deal with SpaceX to deliver mobile connectivity using the Starlink satellite constellation to cover 100% of Australia.

Optus announced on July 12 that Starlink will offer a satellite-to-cell direct service starting in 2024 with SMS, and voice and data in 2025. Optus’ coverage will be expanded to 60% of Australia’s landmass, currently without mobile coverage.

“Our work with SpaceX aims to bring the coverage capabilities of satellites direct to compatible mobile handsets without the need for customers to buy additional equipment. This partnership builds on our proud history of satellite innovation in Australia. This is a truly innovative model for Australia – connecting satellites to standard mobile phones – and a significant evolution beyond the services SpaceX has provided in Australia to date. It will create a unique experience for Optus customers,” Matt Williams, Optus Managing Director of Marketing and Revenue said in a press release.

Sara Spangelo SpaceX Senior Director of Satellite Engineering stated that the connectivity pairs Starlink’s mobile network with Optus to transmit directly into mobile phones throughout the country. Before launch, the new satellite-to phone coverage will undergo extensive testing.

This is a brand new satellite-to-cell contract for SpaceX. The company announced last year it would be working with T-Mobile on a satellite-to-cell solution in the U.S., using its second-generation Starlink constellation. SpaceX had said at the time that it would partner up with other mobile operators in other countries to obtain spectrum.