Director explains why some Vivamax movies only last 40 minutes

— Vivamax director JR Frias explained why some movies on the streaming site have only 40 minutes of run time. 

In an interview with after the back-to-back press conference for the movies “Maliko” and “Hiraya,” Frias said that some Vivamax viewers wanted short movies. 

“Meron kasing pinapalabas ‘yung Vivamax na 40-minuter movies, which is the shortest form. Mayroon din silang 1 hour and 40 or almost 2 hours na movies. Siguro ginawa ‘yon para sa attention span ng mga viewers. Mayroong viewers na maiksi lang, mayroon din na gusto nila na full length,” he said. 

When asked what he preferred to do, the director said, “Gusto ko ‘yung full length pero open ako sa mga short na ganon kasi mas macha-challenge ka na kung paano mo ikwento ang storya in just a small span of time.”

“Challenging siya at the same time maipapalabas mo din ‘yung creativity mo kung paano mo matatawid ‘yon,” he added. 

Frias directed “Maliko,” which is now available on the streaming platform. 

In “Maliko,” Leng (Sahara Bernales), who earns a living by selling corn, is in desperate need of medical help for her father’s sudden illness. Fortunately, she encounters a female medical representative who can give her the medicines all for free – or so she thought. 

Sweetie (Eunice Santos) is a medical representative from Manila who has recently been relocated to Maliko. She is a go-getter, to the point of sleeping with doctors to sell her products. When Sweetie meets Leng, she is immediately attracted to her. She uses Leng’s vulnerability to claim her body in exchange for free medicines. 

As her father’s illness gets more serious, Leng receives further favors from Sweetie, whose demands also gets bolder. Being sexually fluid, Sweetie also lusts over Leng’s boyfriend, Nardo (Chad Solano), and wants him and Leng to join her in an orgy party. 

Meanwhile, “Hiraya,” directed by Sid Pascua, shows a beautiful woman waking up in a rural town that is unfamiliar to her. The townspeople find her intriguing, but their interest in her eventually turns into contempt. 

Hiraya (Rica Gonzales), who has been found unconscious by the river, has no memory of anything and is unable to speak anything other than her name. Soon, she is taken advantage of by almost everybody, like Rommel (Itan Rosales), the son of the barangay captain, and Andeng (Denise Esteban), his mistress. There seems to be nobody around that can be trusted, until Hiraya meets James.

James (Nathan Rojas) doesn’t like being groomed to be a politician, but doesn’t have the guts to go against the wishes of his father who is the barangay captain. However, after meeting Hiraya, he feels he must be brave to protect her. 

“Hiraya” will start streaming on the platform on July 12.