ZEROBASEONE Debut Showcase Reveals Anticipated Debut Date, Record-Breaking Feats and Exciting Goals for the Future

ZEROBASEONE is a rising K-pop band that recently held its highly anticipated debut showcase. They captivated fans with their stunning performance and their endless talent. They have trained hard for many years and showed off their incredible skills. ZEROBASEONE showed their musical industry that they can take on the competition with their magnetic and powerful stage presence.

During the showcase the group expressed its excitement and gratitude to their fans who had been waiting for their debut patiently. ZEROBASEONE seemed to be accustomed to setting records, as their pre-debut song had already topped many music charts. This demonstrated their enormous popularity before their official debut. The members shared their dreams and goals for the future, including their desire to be a globally-recognized group with music that is universally appealing. ZEROBASEONE’s immense potential is a sure sign that they are well on their path to fulfilling their goals and carving their own niche in the music business.

ZEROBASEONE, the long-awaited debut has finally arrived!

On July 10, the group “Boys Planet” held an exclusive press conference ahead of the launch of their debut CD “YOUTH IN THE SHADE.”

The nine members began by describing their feelings about making their debut today.

Kim Gyu Vin: I’m a little nervous because we are debuting. Today is something I’ve dreamed about. We’ve done our best to get ready for today. We will show you how much we’ve grown.

Kim Ji Woong: We consider it an honor when we introduce ourselves to journalists. We were so excited about our debut that every day was special. Right now we are just a small flower, but will do our best to grow into a large flower.

Seok Matthew I’m nervous to perform my debut album and our songs in front the press. Our ZEROBASEONE team has worked hard to prepare for this. I hope that you will enjoy the stage with us.

Han Yu Jin Now that I am standing in front the press, it feels like we are debuting. We will give our best self to the ZEROSE, and the press.

Zhang Hao: I’m nervous about performing our debut song “In Bloom” In front of the media. This is our first promotional period. We’ll enjoy it, and remain safe. Please show us lots interest and watch us grow.

Sung Han Bin: Thank you for being our members. “bloom” today. We did our best to be prepared for today. I look forward to our future promotions. We will give our best.

Kim Tae Rae: ZEROBASEONE’s debut was made possible by all the love, support and encouragement. We will become a musician who can return the love we received.

Ricky: It’s a great feeling to know that our efforts have paid off. We thank everyone who has waited and the press. I will do my best to present new sides of Ricky, and ZEROBASEONE.

Park Gun Wook: ZEROBASEONE debuts with “In Bloom,” Today is the culmination of a lot of hard work. Please cheer us and look forward to our preparations.

The members then posed and performed their B-side song. “New Kidz on the Block” Title track “In Bloom” For the media present at the event.

Following the performances, ZEROBASEONE sat down for a Q&A with the press.

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How did you feel when you gave your first performance of a play?

Kim Ji Woong: I was excited. Since we are making our debut today, we have a greater responsibility. So we hope that we can show this going forward by returning the love and showing our best performance.

How are you doing after the end of the school year? “Boys Planet”?

Kim Tae Rae: After we formed the group, I talked to each member a great deal. It’s a pleasure to be with people like this. They helped us debut today. We tried our best to please the fans, as we know they are rooting for us.

Han Yu Jin We filmed “The reality show”CAMP ZEROBASEONE“, and we were also able to develop teamwork by using this program. In May, ZEROSE was a guest at KCON Japan. As we built these experiences, the desire to showcase our own music and performance grew.

What stories does your album tell? “YOUTH IN THE SHADE” have?

Sung Han Bin: Our debut album “YOUTH IN THE SHADE” Like the title of the album, the song talks about youth and shade coexisting. I believe youth cannot shine without shade. This album is a reflection of our feelings and stories.

Can you explain title track “In Bloom”?

Kim Ji Woong: We will do our best, even though we aren’t perfect or awkward, to try and run. “you.” Our title song is the identity and essence of our album. I therefore hope that people will listen to it and be excited about it. Thank you.

Park Gun Wook: Our title track “In Bloom” The main riff of this drum and bass song is an homage to A-ha’s “Take On Me” By a-ha This is the type of song with a familiar tune that gives you a good feeling. We added an energetic performance to the hook, which creates a fresh mood.

Are you preparing a specific part of your choreography to be used for the challenge song on social media sites?

Kim Tae Rae: This is the part when we spread our hands out like a flower and shake our arms as if we were planting seeds. We spread our palms like a flower and then shake our arms to make it.

What are your goals after today’s debut?

Kim Gyu Vin: Just performed our song “New Kidz on the Block,” There is a song line that says “We’re going straight to the top,” This is what we said to ourselves when we recorded the song. We have tried to capture it. Right now, our goal is to win first place in a music competition. If we succeed, we would like to present ZEROSE with a special encore.

Ricky: I hope ZEROBASEONE is the best rookie of this year and that we win a award for rookies. Only one rookie award is available. I hope ZEROBASEONE can share this honor with ZEROSE.

What would you call ZEROBASEONE?

Seok Matthew ZEROSE, I believe, loves that we have shown progress. I want ZEROBASEONE as a collective to grow and exceed the expectations of everyone.

Zhang Hao: We will strive to create a unique style for ZEROBASEONE, and define our brand as a collective. We also want to break new records and create a new chapter for K-pop.

How do you feel ZEROBASEONE is popular overseas?

Zhang Hao: The Star Creators were the only ones who could have made us debut and set such a great record before our debut. Now, we are working hard to repay ZEROSE for her love. We will do our very best.

What do you think about claiming to be a fifth-generation K-pop group?

Sung Han Bin: It’s a surprise to us, too, when we learn that we will be opening the doors for the fifth-generation K-pop. I’m thankful for the road that many senior Kpop artists have paved. We will then add our own power and color to that, as well as our own personality and style.

What are your thoughts on the records you’ve set and any others you wish to achieve before you debut?

Sung Han Bin: We have set records in social media and album sales. This is incredible for us. We are grateful and will continue to work hard.

Kim Gyu Vin: Personal, I would like to see our songs and B-sides enter the charts as soon as possible. I think I would be very proud.

Which part did you connect with when your debut album was about youth? Which part is the ZEROBASEONE youth?

Park Gun Wook: We want to discuss youth with our songs. When people think about youth, they often picture beautiful moments. We have a different perspective. We wanted to show a different side of young people, as we stated in the title song. For a long time, we have been in training. There have been many beautiful moments, but also some difficult times. When I started my training, I was a bit lost. But we persevered and thought about our future. These moments are now part of my identity. I believe it is a part of growing and becoming better artists. We wanted to show both sides of the youth.

What has been the biggest difference you have felt since debuting?

Kim Tae Rae: We get to experience a lot of things on stage. Our first encounter with our fans was at KCON Japan, when we were ZEROBASEONE. I can still recall the excitement of that moment.

What teamwork improvements have you made since you now have members from Korea China and Canada?

Sung Han Bin: As we have people from different nations, I believe it is important to communicate clearly and slowly. In my role as a leader, before I started any activity, I made sure that all members of the team understood. The members had all been patient and I was able tell them the information they needed. So we developed our teamwork. It’s important that we all have the same goals. I think that’s what makes our teamwork so effective.

What do you think about debuting on the same date as EXO, the third-generation boy group?

Kim Gyu Vin: It’s an honor that my debut coincides with the EXO comeback, a group I have admired since I was a trainee. It will be great for us to appear on the same music programs during our promotional activities. We will do our best as rookies to make a good impression. We will impress them, as Han Bin stated, because we are on the same page and we can all communicate our emotions very well.

What would you want to say to EXO, if you met them?

Kim Gyu Vin: I would love to ask for their autographs.

What is ZEROBASEONE’s goal for the year?

Sung Han Bin: Although results are important, it is my wish that ZEROSE as well as other people listen to our music and feel happy. For now, I also wish that we finish our promotion in good health. You’re welcome!

Then he continued to say, “It’s most important to stay healthy. Be careful of the heat and stay healthy. Thank you!”

Sung Han Bin concluded his remarks. “Thank you for showing interest in our first mini album “You can see the children in the shade.” This is a moment that all nine of us have dreamed of. We will do our best to make our dream shine in reality and keep the sincerity we have now at all times, so please continue to send us your support. We will work hard to meet the expectations of the reports who attended today, ZEROSE, and everyone else who will see us perform, so I hope you will continue to support us.”

ZEROBASEONE’s debut album “YOUTH IN THE SHADE” Released on 10 July at 6 PM KST.

Watch the group creation on “Boys Planet” below:

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