David Licauco reveals surprising friendship with Jak Roberto

David Licauco, a popular Filipino actor and model, recently revealed that he shares a close friendship with fellow actor Jak Roberto. Licauco expressed in an interview that he and Roberto have developed a strong bond over the years and have become good friends. Their friendship can be seen through their interactions both on and off-screen, where they often engage in playful banter and genuinely support each other’s endeavors. Licauco further added that they enjoy spending time together and have even taken trips and celebrated special occasions together, showcasing a deep camaraderie between the two.

Licauco and Roberto’s friendship has proven to be a source of inspiration for their fans. Their shared passion for their craft, coupled with their genuine care for each other, has created a strong support system that encourages them to excel in their respective careers. Licauco’s revelation about his friendship with Roberto not only showcases the importance of having strong bonds within the entertainment industry but also emphasizes the significance of true friendship in one’s personal life. Through their friendship, Licauco and Roberto exemplify the power of friendship that goes beyond superficiality and truly supports one another, serving as a reminder of the positive impact that friendships can have on one’s life.

David Licauco said he’s good friends with Jak Roberto, the longtime boyfriend of his love team Barbie Forteza.

In Bea Alonzo’s recent vlog, where David underwent a legit lie detector test, the Pambansang Ginoo said he doesn’t think Jak gets jealous over him.

“Artista din kasi siya, so I think he knows about all the ins and outs of this industry,” David said.

“I think si Barbie hindi rin naman siya nagkukulang to give him assurance,” he added. “Like knowing Barbie, she’s a good person, and I think she’s a good partner also.”

In the same vlog, David admitted getting pressured when people say, “sana kayo na lang ni Barbie.” But he also revealed that the thought crosses his mind as a “what if?”

“S’yempre, I respect ‘yung relationship nila and all that, pero totoo naman, ‘what if?'” he said.

David and Barbie are set to make their primetime comeback for the remake of “Maging Sino Ka Man.”

It’s the latest project lined up for the two, following their incredibly successful love team in the historical portal fantasy series “Maria Clara at Ibarra,” which is now streaming on Netflix.

In May, Barbie and David flew to South Korea to shoot their film “That Kind of Love.”

—Hermes Joy Tunac/MGP, GMA Integrated News