Mark Zuckerberg’s training with UFC champions Israel Adesanya, Alexander Volkanovski and Elon Musk in the midst of their escalating dispute is a source of curiosity

In the midst an intensifying public disagreement between Elon and Mark Zuckerberg it has emerged that the Facebook CEO is diverting his focus to a somewhat unexpected venture: training UFC champions Israel Adesanya & Alexander Volkanovski. In the face of increasing tensions in the tech sector, Zuckerberg took a unique step to reduce stress. He trained with these world-renowned fighters. Zuckerberg’s decision to train alongside UFC champions is not only a way to relieve pressure, but it also highlights his determination to overcome obstacles both in and out of the boardroom.

Many have questioned the relationship between Zuckerberg and Adesanya, and many are wondering what the connection is. By training with these highly regarded fighters, Zuckerberg shows a willingness step outside of his comfort zone, and use his analytical mind in different aspects of life. This unexpected action not only shows the dynamic and complex nature of Zuckerberg’s personality, but it also highlights his desire to grow personally despite the ongoing feud he has with Musk. The tech world is curious to see what Zuckerberg’s training with UFC champions will bring, and how this may impact the ongoing disputes in the industry.


Mark Zuckerberg has been spotted training with UFC featherweight Alexander Volkanovski as well as UFC middleweight Israel Adesanya. Twitter post from Adesanya—weeks after the Meta CEO agreed to a “cage match” Elon Musk.

Key Facts

Photos Adesanya posted a picture on Twitter of him, Volkanovski, and a lean Zuckerberg, all posing during a training session. The caption reads: “This is Serious Business.”

Dana White, UFC president, has teased the possibility of a fight between Zuckerberg and Musk for weeks. New York Times Recently, he helped produce an exhibition between tech CEOs and that “They both want to do it.”

Musk’s training for a battle has also been publicized, with photos of him. training A few weeks back, a video with computer scientist Lex Fridman and Brazilian Jiujitsu black-belt Lex Fridman was released.


While it’s unclear whether a confrontation between Zuckerberg or Musk will take place, tensions continue to rise between the two executives in their battle to dominate the social networking market. Musk called Zuckerberg “a liar” in two tweets he posted on Monday.cuck” “literal dick measuring contest,” The Meta CEO. Tweets posted on the day Meta’s Threads (Twitter’s rival platform) reached 100 million users. Musk accused Meta last week was accused of misusing Twitter “trade secrets and other intellectual property” The company has been poaching former Twitter staffers to develop a “copycat” app.

Key Background

Adesanya Volkanovski and Zuckerberg’s elite firm, Adesanya, are two of the UFC’s best fighters. Adesanya reclaimed his title as champion in April, and is now the No. The UFC’s No. 5 fighter pound-for pound is Volkanovski. Volkanovski who just won a dominating victory at UFC 290 last Saturday is the promotion’s number one. 1 pound-for-pound fighter. Both champions are close friends and have supported each other in their respective fights, despite training with different teams. The two have worked together before. Meta’s CEO, Michael Volkanovski, shared a video in February that featured the two. sparring together Metaverse. Zuckerberg is a fan of mixed martial arts, and he attended an UFC event. last October Alongside his wife, Priscilla Chen.

Forbes Valuation

Zuckerberg is estimated to have a net worth of $ $105.7 billion—placing him at No. The 7th on ForbesList of the world’s real-time billionaires. Musk takes the top spot with a net worth estimated at $242.8 billion.

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