Marcos Urges Pagcor To Maintain Strong Stand Against Illegal Activity

In a recent press release, Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte instructed Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation(Pagcor), to continue fighting illegal activities in the gambling industry. The government is continuing its efforts to clean the gambling industry and create a fair, transparent environment for all parties. Pagcor, as the regulatory body that oversees casinos and gambling in the country, plays a key role in ensuring gambling activities are carried out within the boundaries of the law.

The President’s request that Pagcor maintain its vigilance in combating illegal activities is testament to his unyielding position on eliminating corruption and criminal elements from the gambling industry. The government is aware of the risks that unregulated gambling poses, including money laundering and organized crimes. It remains committed to halting any illegal activities which may damage the integrity and reputation of the industry. This move shows the authorities’ commitment to maintaining a safe, responsible gambling environment.

Metro Marcos (CNN Philippines, July 11) — President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. called on the gaming regulator to remain unwavering and steadfast in “combating illicit activities” As he graced Agency’s 40th Anniversary Celebration on Tuesday.

“Let this anniversary therefore be a call to the future, a future where Pagcor is at the front and center in reshaping the gaming landscape with responsible practices, unwavering integrity and a steadfast commitment to combating illicit activities,” Marcos spoke at the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation’s (Pagcor), Pasay City event.

Marcos’ speech comes weeks after over 2,000 workers – among them foreigners – were rescued in a raid at a Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO) hub in Las Piñas City.

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Marcos also recognized Pagcor’s contributions to tourism, saying that their efforts have not only brought visitors to the Philippines, but also provided employment to Filipinos.

“You are among those who brought help to the most sewing seed of hope and recovery amidst the darkest of hours. Certainly Pagcor has made an indelible mark in our society with its undeniable contribution to nation building,” The President said