Curiosity is piqued as a Dalaguete man is accused of sexually assaulting his niece.

In Dalaguete, a farmer was arrested recently on suspicion of raping a niece. The community was shocked by the incident and realized the importance of raising awareness about sexual abuse and combating it. The victim, who is not identified for her own protection, bravely stepped forward and gave the details that led to the arrest of the perpetrator.

This unfortunate incident is a wake up call to the authorities and society in general, urging them to put children’s safety first. This incident emphasizes the necessity of educating communities on the importance to report such crimes and provide support to victims. By raising public awareness about child abuse as well as implementing effective prevention measures, we can help create a safe environment for all of society. This is especially true for the vulnerable and victims.

The police arrested a farmer, 32 years old, in Dalaguete Town on southern Cebu after he was accused of two counts of statutory sexual assault by his 14-yearold niece.

Rene, a resident of the mountain barangay in Dalaguete municipality, was arrested by Dalaguete Chief Major Clemente Ceralde’s men.

The warrant was signed by Judge May Faith Lledo Trumata Rebotiaco, Regional Trial Court Branch 94 in Argao.

Rene is not eligible for bail.

Rene told SunStar Cebu he started abusing his niece when she was just 13 years old. He continued this abuse until she became pregnant and gave birth to the child who is now 4 months old.

Rene claimed that he would sleep with the victim at his aunt’s house in the middle of the night.

“Diha mi sa balay sa akong iyaan sir unya usa rami ug pamuyo hangtod nga sa among sige ug tapad ug tulog nadala nadugay,” Matod ni Renée.

(We shared a room at my aunt’s house for many, many nights. Our emotions overwhelmed us).

The suspect argued that the rape they experienced was not a felony because both parties wanted it.

He also said that the child would even cry, if she couldn’t sleep next to her. (BBT, TPT)

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