Carl Frampton Ignites Curiosity as He Dismisses Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou, Deeming It Impossible

Carl Frampton, the former two-weight boxing world champion, dismissed the idea that a possible matchup between Tyson Fury & Francis Ngannou would be a good thing, saying it’s not. “impossible”. Frampton says that the physical differences between both fighters makes the idea of a fair fight implausible. Ngannou is the current UFC Heavyweight Champion and has a considerable weight advantage. Fury competes in a much lighter heavyweight division of boxing.

Frampton’s skepticism is not just a result of the weight classes, but also the skill sets that are required for each discipline. Ngannou, a mixed martial artist with explosive knockout powers and a deadly ground game, is an impressive force. Frampton thinks it’s unrealistic to expect Ngannou can seamlessly transfer his skills from mixed martial arts to boxing, where there are different strategies and techniques. Frampton’s dismissal stems primarily from his disdain for the Fury vs Ngannou fight due to the inconvenient nature of such a match and the differences between MMA and Boxing.

Tyson Fury is set to make a ‘game-changing’ announcement according to his promoter, Frank Warren – and it’s strongly suspected to be a fight with MMA star, Francis Ngannou.

Fury put his WBC world title on the line twice last year – a mandatory defence against Dillian Whyte and a voluntary challenge granted to Derek Chisora.

The fans were promised a undisputed fight with Oleksandr Uzyk, but the talks broke down due to public deadlines and requests. It left ‘The Gypsy King’ searching for an opponent, and, as per reportsHe has landed outside the sport.

Carl Frampton is a former two-weight champion and pundit. He believes that the Ngannou fight, while not yet official, will be a mismatch on utterly epic proportions.

On the other hand, YouTube channel, Frampton said it was ‘impossible’ for the MMA man to beat Fury in a boxing ring.