A new exciting event, Cinematique Presents Asteroid City, is organized by WHQR a public broadcaster based in Wilmington North Carolina. This event is a unique collection of short films that revolve around the theme of asteroids. The films chosen for this event range from thought-provoking documentaries and sci-fi adventure to exciting sci-fi stories. They give audiences a glimpse of the future of space exploration.

WHQR hopes to entertain and educate their audience with Cinematique Presents Asteroid city. These films explore the idea of living on an asteroid and spark conversation about the challenges and possibilities that await us outside Earth. This event celebrates filmmakers’ creativity and vision, but also invites community members to interact with these thought-provoking stories and reflect on the future of humanity in space. Join WHQR as they explore the mysteries of Asteroid City. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of an incredible cinematic experience.

Asteroid City Runs from Monday, 31 July to Wednesday, 2 August. The film is shown Monday through Wednesday, 7pm. A second screening will be held on Wednesday at 4:00pm in the Main Theatre of Historic Thalian Hall.

Wes Anderson’s latest film, featuring Jason Schwartzman (as well as Scarlett Johansson and Tom Hanks), is about a Junior Stargazer/Space Cadets convention, which was organized to bring together parents and students from all over the country for scholarly competition and fellowship. However, the eventful itinerary of the convention, intended to bring together both students and their parents, is dramatically interrupted by world-changing circumstances.

Watch out for trailer.

To obtain ticket information, please call the Thalian box office, Monday to Saturday between 2pm and 5pm, at 910-632-2285. buy online.

Covid Safety Protocols
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