Colora’s sophomore EP “Love and Influence” was released.

Cebu-based indie quartet Colorura has finally released their highly anticipated sophomore EP, “Pag-ibig at Impluwensiya” under Matunaw Records.

The 5-track release shapes up to be a complete musical revelation—thanks to its sparkling hooks, irresistibly catchy choruses, and infectious arrangements that will take you back to the colorful era of ’80s pop and 2000s electro-pop/rock.

Explaining in a collective statement, the band said, “Our music has been influenced by pop, rock, and electronic music, but for this EP, we went with what was comfortable and fun for us. We’re really excited to hear what people think when they hear this EP.”

The EP, showcasing Colorura’s versatility and boundless creativity, is a testament to the band’s promise to their craft. Each track tells a unique story and offers a distinctive musical experience. Led by Jake Russell Relacion, the band members poured their hearts and souls into this project.

According to the band, the EP covers themes that span the romantic spectrum, or the melting stages of it, yet listeners may want to call it: mutual love, obsession, self-love, and acceptance. Jake wrote most of the tracks on the mini-album, except for the hook/chorus of the lead single “Ecstasy,” which was penned by Rob (bassist).

To usher in the new album, they recently released their latest single, “Ecstasy,” which explores the intense and almost unconscious emotion experienced by a person when infatuated with someone. Jake Relacion, the band’s vocalist and guitarist, shared his inspiration behind the song: “I was trying to reminisce about the feeling of being overly in love with someone.”

With its infectious melodies and captivating rhythm, “Ecstasy” promises to groove you from the very first note.

Colorura’s music can be described as an enjoyable blend of pop, rock, and electronic music, with various nuances influenced by each band member’s unique musical background. They released their first song “Losing My Mind” in 2019, which echoed nuances from The 1975’s post-punk attitude and the sonically driven sounds of new wave and post-grunge. The release garnered attention in Cebu and beyond, leading to some high-profile music events with the best bands today, such as Mandaue Nights, Thinking Chair, and many more.

In 2022, the genre-bending act released their debut EP, “Sa gitna,” featuring tracks like “Drive and Meet You,” “First Time,” “Let This Go,” and more.