Bea Alonzo says Dominic Roque split was mutual, no one at fault

 — Actress Bea Alonzo opened up a bit more about her break-up with partner Dominic Roque and the subsequent end of their engagement earlier this year.

Bea appeared on the special July two-cover for Tatler Philippines magazine, the other showcasing several athletes ahead of the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics.

In the write-up penned by Maritess Garcia Reyes, Bea talked about her split with Dominic after dating for over four years and being engaged a year ago.

“I saw myself marrying this man. But sometimes, things don’t go according to plan. Sometimes God’s plan is better, and I have learnt to embrace that,” Bea said, confirming the engagement ended last January but was only publicized a month later.

The actress admitted the two tried to sort things out between them, adding it was a mutual decision to call it quits and not just hers alone, lamenting there were many who initially thought so.

“It always takes two to tango. Sometimes relationships don’t work, and that’s fine,” Bea continued. “I guess I also have to thank him because had he not been courageous enough actually to acknowledge that there was something wrong in our relationship, I may have continued to be carried away by the pressures of society.”

Bea ended by sharing she stayed off social media for months to detox in order to help accept the decision they’d made, pointing how online negativity could have affected her further.