Taylor Lautner is Taylor Swift’s Back To December lyrics? What does the hidden meaning mean?

Taylor Swift is rumored to be dating another woman. “Back to December” Due to their relationship at the time and the references made in the song, it became apparent that the lyrics refer to Taylor Lautner. Taylor Lautner was briefly in a relationship with Taylor Swift around the time of the release. Many people believe the song is a form of apology to Lautner because of the way that their relationship ended.

The lyrics of “Back to December” The song is meant to convey regret and remorse for a previous relationship. Swift sings that she wishes she could go back and apologize for past mistakes. She mentions “December,” It could also be the end for their relationship. Her desire to make amends is expressed in her wish to find closure. The lyrics and their timeline have led many to believe that the song is about their romance, despite neither Swift or Lautner having confirmed the subject.

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Taylor Swift teases Mine

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner both confirmed that “Back to December” is about their relationship.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that. Taylor SwiftTaylor Lautner’s lyrics to ‘Back To December’ are not true?

The wait has ended. Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) Back to December (Taylor’s Version), the new single from Taylor, is finally here. Taylor’s second single from the album Back to December was a huge hit in 2010. Speak Now. Taylor Swift delivers her most emotional vocal performance to date in ‘Back to December.’ The song is a favourite of many Swifties.

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In celebration of the ‘Back to Decemeber (Taylors Version) releasing today (July 7), we do a deep dive on what the lyrics actually mean and if they are about. Twilight actor Taylor Lautner. This is the story behind the lyrics of “Back to December” (Taylor’s Version). It relates to Taylor and her relationship with her. Valentine’s Day co-star.

Back to December lyrics are about Taylor Swift.

Are Taylor Swift's Back to December lyrics about Taylor Lautner? The meaning explained
Taylor Swift’s lyrics Back to December are about Taylor Lautner. The meaning of Back to December.

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What’s the story behind Taylor Swift Back to December lyrics?

Taylor apologizes in “Back to December” to a former lover for breaking things off and requests their return. Taylor sings, “This is me swallowing all my pride/Standing in front of you and sayingin” at the chorus. “I’m sorry for that night” “I wish I would have realized how much I had when I was yours.”

Talking to Comcast Taylor revealed in 2010 the meaning behind the song: “I’ve never apologised to someone in a song before. This is about a person who was incredible to me – just perfect in a relationship, and I was really careless with him. So, this is a song full of words that I would say to him that he deserves to hear.”

Taylor also said USA Today: “It’s almost word-for-word. It is a song and a conversation that needed to happen because I don’t want to hurt people. If you unintentionally do so, you’ve got to make that better.”

Many fans believe that ‘Back to Decembre’ is about Taylor Lautner, as the couple reportedly broke up in December 2009 and there are many easter eggs.

Taylor Swift – Back To December (Taylor’s Version) (Lyric video)

Did Taylor Swift date Taylor Lautner?

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner began dating shortly after the MTV VMAs of 2009. Taylor Lautner, Shakira and Kanye interrupted Taylor’s speech after she received her award for the Best Female Video. They fell in Love playing love interest in the 2010 movie Valentine’s Day. They filmed the scenes in October, 2009.

Taylor never spoke publicly about the relationship but did mention it in SNL’s November 2009 episode. Taylor famously sang a song in her monologue. “If you’re wondering if I might be dating the werewolf from Twilight / I’m not gonna comment on that in my monologue.”

According to US WeeklyTaylor and Taylor broke up in December. According to reports, a source told US Weekly: “He liked her more than she liked him. He went everywhere he could to see her, but she didn’t travel much to see him. They decided they were better as friends.”

Did Taylor Swift date Taylor Lautner?
Did Taylor Swift date Taylor Lautner?


Taylor Lautner is the subject of Taylor Swift’s Back To December lyrics?

Swifities believes that the bridge of ‘Back to Decembre’ is a direct mention to Taylor Lautner. This is outside the chorus line ‘I always go back to december’ which aligns with their reported split. First, let’s look at the opening line. “I miss your tanned skin, your sweet smile / So good to me, so right”.

Then there is “And how you held me in your arms that September night / The first time you ever saw me cry”. Taylor Lautner, as mentioned above was with Taylor on the MTV VMAs stage when Kanye interrupt her speech.

Taylor has left an Easter egg for us. Speak Now album booklet. The name “Tay” is hidden in the lyrics of Taylor’s song, “Back to December”.

2009 MTV Video Music Awards - Show
The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.


What has Taylor Lautner to say about Back in December?

Taylor Lautner has confirmed this multiple times. During an Facebook Live Promoting your business is easy. Scream QueensLea Michele referred to Taylor Swift, and asked: “Didn’t she write a song about you?” Taylor tried to be coy. “That’s what she does. She writes songs.”

Lea said, “Don’t let go.” “I think it’s something about a sweater and a hat, right?… It’s like, your hat in December!” Taylor has confirmed the following: “It’s called ‘Back to December.”

Talking with the Today Show Taylor was asked to describe his feelings about the upcoming year. Speak Now Taylor’s Version “I replied, ” “I think it’s a great album. Yeah, I feel safe.” Taylor then joked “Praying for John” Referring to the popular belief that John Mayer is the subject of ‘Dear John.

Taylor Lautner filmed a music video earlier this summer with Taylor. Could it be something for a Speak Now Taylor’s Version song?

Taylor Swift – ‘Back to Decembre (Taylor’s Version).’ lyrics

It’s great that you took the time to come see me
How’s life? Tell me how your family is doing.
I haven’t heard from them for a while
You’ve been busy, but you’ve done well
Small talk about work, the weather and other things
You are on high alert and I can tell you why

The last time you saw my face
Has your memory been etched in stone?
You gave roses to me and I let them die

This is what I do when I swallow my pride
You can hear me saying “Standing in front of your face” “I’m sorry for that night”
I keep going back to December
Freedom isn’t just about missing you
Wishing I’d known what I had before you became mine
Turn around to December and I will make it right
I keep going back to December

The last few days I haven’t slept.
Staying up and playing back my own departure
Your birthday has passed, and I haven’t called you
Then, I think of the summer and all its beautiful moments.
You laughed from the passenger seat
The fall is when I first realized how much I love you

And then came the cold, the dark days
I was afraid when it crept into my head
All I could give you in return was a goodbye

This is what I do when I swallow my pride
Standing in front of you and saying, “I’m sorry for that night”
I always go back to the month of December
Freedom isn’t just about missing you
Wishing that I’d realised what I had when I was yours
When I return to December, I change my mind
I keep going back to December

I miss your tanned, sweet smile
So right, I say!
How you held me in the arms of your September night
You saw me for the first time ever.
It’s just wishful thinking
Most likely, you are just dreaming.
If we were to love again, I would swear that I’d still love you.
It’s not possible to go back in time.
If the chain is attached to your door, then I can understand.

Here I am, swallowing up my pride
Standing in front of you and saying, “I’m sorry for that night”
You can go back to the month of December
Freedom isn’t just about missing you
Wishing I’d known what I had before you became mine
Turn around to December and I will make it right
When I return to December, I change my mind
I keep going back to December

All the time

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