Apple Approves Epic Games Store for EU iPhones, Requests Button Redesign

Apple Approves Epic Games Store for EU iPhones, Requests Button Redesign

Apple has granted approval for the Epic Games Store app to be available on iPhones in the EU. This move brings the alternative app store one step closer to directly selling apps to iOS users, bypassing the Apple App Store. However, Apple has requested that Epic redesign the app’s buttons in a future submission to the app review process.

According to AppleInsider, the app passed Apple’s notarization process, but the approval is considered temporary. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney stated that Apple is demanding a button redesign in the next version of the app. Sweeney expressed the company’s intention to fight this demand.

This latest development adds to the ongoing dispute between Apple and Epic. Previously, Apple reinstated Epic Games Sweden’s European developer license following an investigation by EU regulators. The investigation was initiated after Apple revoked the license initially.

Epic submitted the Epic Games Store app, along with the game Fortnite, to Apple’s iOS notarization process at the beginning of the month. However, Apple rejected the submission, citing similarities between the app’s “in-app purchases” label and “Install” button to Apple’s own design and positioning for similar features. This dispute highlights the clash over button design between the two companies.

While Apple’s approval for the Epic Games Store app in the EU is a step forward, the requirement for a button redesign indicates that the tension between Apple and Epic is far from resolved. The battle between the two giants continues as they navigate the complex landscape of app stores and their policies.

Additional Facts:
– The Epic Games Store is an alternative app store that offers a different distribution model compared to the Apple App Store.
– Apple’s approval for the Epic Games Store app in the EU means that iPhone users in the region will have access to a new app store option.
– The ongoing dispute between Apple and Epic was sparked by Epic’s attempt to bypass the App Store’s payment system by implementing its own direct payment method in Fortnite.
– Apple argued that Epic violated its App Store guidelines and subsequently removed Fortnite from the App Store.
– Epic retaliated by filing a lawsuit against Apple, alleging anti-competitive behavior and monopolistic practices.
– The button redesign requested by Apple is seen as a way for the company to differentiate its own app store buttons from those of Epic Games Store, preventing confusion among users.

Key Questions and Answers:
1. What is the significance of Apple approving the Epic Games Store app for EU iPhones?
Apple’s approval allows the Epic Games Store to potentially offer iOS users in the EU an alternative app store for purchasing and downloading apps.

2. Why did Apple request a button redesign for the Epic Games Store app?
Apple wants to avoid any confusion between its own app store buttons and those of the Epic Games Store, ensuring a clear distinction for users.

Key Challenges or Controversies:
– The main challenge is the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Epic, as the outcome could have significant implications for the app store model and the power of major technology companies.
– The issue of app store fees and their impact on developers is a broader controversy that this dispute has brought to the forefront.

– The approval of the Epic Games Store app on iPhones in the EU offers users more choice in terms of app store options.
– By bypassing the Apple App Store, the Epic Games Store can potentially offer different pricing and revenue sharing models for developers.

– The ongoing dispute between Apple and Epic has created uncertainty for developers and users who rely on their platforms.
– The tension between the two companies could result in potential limitations or restrictions for users, such as certain apps being unavailable or delayed on iPhones.