Announcing the Chosen Entries for Outdoor Oklahoma Readers’ Photography Showcase, 2023: Prepare to be Amazed.

Congratulations to all of the winners in the Outdoor Oklahoma Readers’ Photography showcase 2023. In this prestigious contest, your outstanding talents and skills have been recognized. Your photographs have captured our attention and admiration. Outdoor Oklahoma is proud to feature your work.

The selected entries have shown a great appreciation for Oklahoma’s landscapes, wildlife and beauty. Each photograph captures a different story that captures the essence and beauty of our state’s incredible natural resources. Your work reflects your passion and dedication for the outdoors in its composition, lighting, creativity, and overall style. Your exceptional photography skills are a credit to you and your readers.

You have inspired others by participating in the showcase. Not only have you developed your skills and shared them with others, but also you have fostered a love of nature and the outdoors. Your photographs can transport viewers to stunning landscapes that allow them to appreciate nature’s fragility and splendor. Thank you for your contribution to nature photography, and for giving us the opportunity to celebrate Oklahoma’s natural wonders. We congratulate you on your remarkable achievement and look forward to continuing success in the future.

ODO july august 2023 cover

The following entries have been selected to be published in the Outdoor Oklahoma Readers’ Photography Showcase for 2023. Around 360 people entered the competition. Outdoor Oklahoma, published by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation in its July/August issue, features RPS2023. Subscribe (or order single copies) at

RPS 2023 Selected Photographers

Stephen Ofsthun

Nathan Mackey

Mike Fuhr

Maddax Garrett

Anne-Marie Mee

David Strosdaz

Steven Hunter

Carrie Allen-Cole

Kay Williams

Kyle Hutchison

John Wilson

Erin Banta

Kyle Underwood

Randy Sander

Rick Newman

Scott Gallagher

Dustin Melton

Wesley Kirpach

Bailey Downs

Susan Ritter

Ted Nishimuta

Sherman Barr

Jeff Fitzgerald

Susan Hemphill

Mark Robinson

Addisyn Oden

Ranae Maberry

Aneda Smith

Cheryl Welch

Bob Buckner

Bridget Kirk

Traci Gardner

Sheryl S.

Scott Smith

Eric Brown

Zachary Handke

Mark Bright

Richard Taylor

Joshua VanTuyl

Howard Jackson

Ty Oliver

Kellie Carter

Ashley Faram

James Wareham

Greg Silva

Scott Gay

Jim Jordan

Cody Abel

Cathy Baldridge

Karen Perez

Brandon Stansberry

Erin Calise

Anthony Morris

Blake Rains

Michi white

Sandy Songer

Ben Childers

Megan Childers

Jerry Spears

Dale Parsons

Jacob Miller

Daryle Presley

Scott Smith

Melanie Emerson

Randy Watkins

Bryna Bryna Thomas

Gary Grady

Stacy Freeny

Anjelica Newcomer

Desiree Cline

Jacie Jones

Kay Eccles

Darren Hill

Mary Ellis

Teresa Randall

Mark Robinson

Michael Bryan