Andi Eigenmann, Philmar Alipayo address viral TikTok video together

— Celebrity couple Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo addressed the viral video of the champion surfer with a female content creator. 

In their recent interview with Boy Abunda, Philmar said he’s just talking to the girl. 

“Nakipag-usap lang. Siyempre kapag lasing, nakikipag-usap. Then, wala, uwi,” Philmar said. 

“I guess I know him well, I also knew what his type is,” Andi added. 

Andi said that they just laughed at the viral video. 

“When I saw the video, I ignored it, I just looked at him. When I saw the video, I said, ‘ngek’ then I looked at him, ‘what’s this?’ and then I ignored it and parang tumawa lang siya, pinagtawanan lang namin. What bothered me is finding out that it was done on purpose, that the person in the video was the one that posted it. That’s what bothered me because then you just created something super unnecessary,” she said. 

Andi also said that she trusts Philmar and he can do whatever he wants. 

“In terms of what people think he was doing or his intentions were that doesn’t matter to him, I guess because the only opinion that matters to him is mine. Hindi naman niya asawa ‘yung mga tao na ‘yan,” Andi said.

“At iba-iba naman tayo. Ako kasi I don’t believe in picking possession over my partner. Like it’s still his life and he can do what he wants. Alam ko ang itsura kung sinasaktan ako or may ginagawa para saktan ako. Alam ko. We trust each other,” she added. — Video from GMA Network YouTube channel